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ACE New Zealand

2022/23 Annual Report

The Voice for Consulting & Engineering Aotearoa.

Who we are

We’re the voice for consulting and engineering in Aotearoa, ensuring a thriving professional consulting sector.

We raise the profile of professional services consulting in the built and natural environments and build trusting relationships, so our members have an influential voice, ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow

A message from our president Ceinwen McNeil

Looking back on the past year, I feel great pride in the achievements of our ACE members. It’s an honour to collaborate with a dedicated board, our Chief Executive, and an organisation that strongly advocates for consultants in the built and natural environment. I’d also like to recognise the significant contributions from our Regional Chairs and volunteers. 

In 2022, our members displayed resilience and tenacity, focusing on client engagement, refining business operations, and planning for the future. Our members’ commitment to innovations like the four-day work week shows their adaptability to an ever-changing world. This approach was highlighted when Perpetual Guardian, the New Zealand firm leading this initiative, was named one of Time magazine’s top 100 most influential companies. 

At ACE, we understand that we must adapt and evolve to keep pace with the changing demands of the market, our clients, and the regulatory environment. This means we’re keeping an eye on future trends, where automation, digitisation, and innovation continue to reshape our work as consultants. 

The importance of a tertiary degree and technical excellence in business success is evolving. Today, tasks once performed by humans can be automated. This shift brings both challenges and opportunities, allowing us to focus more on strategic solutions in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. 

Our membership and our advocacy efforts for our professions continue to grow. We’re playing an active role in discussions with the government and key decision-makers on decisions affecting the future of communities in Aotearoa. We’re also leading in areas like diversity and inclusion, mental health, and wellbeing in the workplace. Our work with the Diversity Agenda is being recognised and used in global forums to improve representation at all levels in our professions. 

We couldn’t have achieved all of this without our industry partners, who share our vision of a world where net zero emissions are achieved and our communities are thriving, in line with the Kaupapa Māori values. 

Together with my board colleagues, we’re proud of our work at ACE New Zealand over the past year and remain committed to advocating for consultants. I look forward to progressing our mission together. 


Ceinwen McNeil, ACE President

Harrison Grierson - Head of Strategy & Clients

A message from our chief executive Helen Davidson

We’re living in truly unprecedented times. Governments around the world and here at home in Aotearoa have identified investment in infrastructure as being key to rebuilding and revitalising the economy in the face of growing economic instability and the ever-present challenge of the climate crisis. Couple that with the focus in the 2023 budget on environmental and social outcomes and the responsibility on professional consultants has never been more present.

In this complex environment, we feel privileged to be your consultant’s champion, working hard to build a trusted and credible voice for consulting, preparing our members for the challenges of today and tomorrow, and elevating professionalism in consulting.

Over the past year, this means continuing to tackle the issues critical to you and your business in today’s market, as well as working on our foundations to ensure we have a strong, credible, and trusted presence in the sector. We’ve rebranded to ensure we’re a more visible and powerful voice for consulting and engineering, and we’ve reset our member obligations in our Rules so we can be clear and credible with stakeholders about who our members are and what they stand for.

We’ve held the line on fair contractual terms with several client organisations and broadened our conversations on insurability and risk into the wider legal sector. We’ve been influential in advocating for better immigration settings so you can recruit the international skills you need. We’ve driven conversations on big issues like diversity and inclusion, mentally healthy workplaces, HR and good business practice, and embedding environmental and social outcomes into your business. We’ve brought our members together through several forums so we can connect and grow together. And the devasting weather events earlier this year gave us the chance to put our thought-leaders at the forefront of the conversation through national media coverage.

This year we’ll continue the hard work on your behalf, and you’ll see some new things coming your way. We’ve added engagement and support for our small to medium sized businesses as a new priority for this year. If you’re one of our small to medium businesses, we’ve got some exciting offerings to discuss with you soon, so look out for these and have your say. We’ll also launch MindSpace, our programme to help you invest in mentally healthy workplaces and continue to raise awareness and provide insights and tools for you in the space of sustainability and broader outcomes in line with the expectations of our clients. We’ll launch our competency framework and start updating our guidance notes and ensuring they are accessible, relevant and help you grow your people and business. We’re also working hard to solidify relationships and manage expectations with the existing and opposition government ahead of the elections this year.

We’re excited about the year ahead, and proud to be your partner, building influence and credibility for professional services consulting in Aotearoa.

Thank you to all our members and volunteers who support our efforts for a stronger engineering and consulting sector – as we like to say at ACE, teamwork makes the dream work.


Helen Davidson

ACE New Zealand Chief Executive

Our strategy

Our strategy focusses on elevating the voices, preparedness, and professionalism of our members, so our members can deliver remarkable outcomes for Aotearoa.

Our goal at ACE is that members have a valued and trusted voice. We’re about raising the profile and value of professional services in the eyes of our members, future members, clients, communities, and decision-makers, and growing enduring and trusting relationships to enhance our influence.

  • We rebranded to give us a clear and unambiguous presence in our market, enhancing our influence.

  • We reviewed our Rules and you voted to change them, including adding new obligations that set a clear benchmark for what ACE membership stands for, which builds our credibility with stakeholders.

  • We spoke with media about the skills shortage and on how professional consultants must be part of the conversation in the rebuild of communities devasted after the weather events earlier in 2023.

  • We had our voice heard on matters directly affecting our membership including through representation on the NZS3910 review, the Engineer to the Contract Panel Steering Group, the DIA’s steering group for the new three waters Code of Practice, Auckland Council’s consumer advisory group, and Waka Kotahi’s Road Worker Safety Governance Group and associated temporary traffic management groups.

  • We spoke loudly about our concerns with various contracts and producer statements including with Te Whatu Ora, Tauranga City Council, Christchurch City Council, at construction law conferences/forums, and with Construction Sector Accord Ministers who have affirmed their expectation for standardised contracts to be the norm in central government engagements. We also worked with Waka Kotahi to review their cost fluctuation index.

  • We advocated successfully for better immigration settings for professional services consultants to MBIE and at conferences, we piloted an international recruitment campaign with HainesAttract that attracted more than 2000 engineers and consultants to apply for roles in New Zealand, and in partnership with four other associations we secured funding from the Construction Sector Accord to support an international recruitment campaign for the construction and infrastructure sector in partnership with NZ Story which will be launched in 2023 – watch this space!

  • We’ve talked directly with minister Megan Woods and Christopher Luxon at industry and ACE-initiated events about the issues that matter to you.

  • We partnered with industry associations for our advocacy on the skills shortage, the Diversity Agenda, and our mentally healthy workplaces Kaupapa.

  • We have a strong international presence, with representation on the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Directors and Secretaries Advisory Council, Sustainability Committee, and Business Practice Committee, and we won a FIDIC award in Geneva for our advocacy on the skills shortage.

Our goal is that members are ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow and lead the way for others. We’re raising awareness among our members of key issues affecting their business, providing clarity on our objectives, roles and responsibilities, and putting the right structures, agreements, and guidance in place to enable our members to thrive and lead through the challenges.

  • We moved the Diversity Agenda forward in its evolution, moving it to be industry-led and appointing a dedicated programme director to lead it. Following consultation with members we have a clear and compelling strategy and plan of action.

  • We raised awareness about the importance of mentally healthy workplaces and how to design them, we benchmarked members’ current activities, and held workshops to map our member’s strengths and opportunities. We’ll soon be launching the culmination of this mahi, which is an ongoing programme to give professional consultants tools and resources to enable their people and business to thrive.

  • We delivered webinars, events, workshops, and shared members’ thought leadership on key issues relevant to leading professional consulting businesses in today’s environment including cultural competency and meaningful engagement with Māori, sustainability, ESG, contracts and insurance, fair pay, and more.

  • We delivered an outstanding conference focused on helping you work on your business, and not just in it.

  • We’ve supported members post this years’ extreme weather events with check-ins, advocacy, support, and learning.

Our goal is that we grow our sector to be the best it can be. We’re enabling our members to set the standard for consultancy skills and professionalism for the success of our sector.

  • We celebrated our members amazing work through our awards programme and associated PR.

  • We developed a new guidance note on Digital Engagements, and have two in development around CCCS and intellectual property and the Fair Trading Act.

  • We published our annual remuneration survey, which includes valuable insights into attraction and retention.

  • We began work on our competency framework, which will set a clear standard for what great consulting looks like and will guide skills development across our membership.

  • We continued our support of our three transport forums and Legal Panel, and we supported the Māori Leadership Forum.

Celebrating our members

ACE New Zealand members do great things every day. We celebrate their achievements at the annual ACE Awards.



Gold Awards
Aurecon // City Rail Link contract 1
DC Structures Studio // Toki Poutangata Bridge, Westport
Holmes // Commercial Bay 
Mott MacDonald // Leading Aotearoa’s carbon reduction journey
Tonkin + Taylor and Aurecon // Downtown Tāmaki Makaurau 

Silver Awards
Beca // A place to call home. Making everyday better for the mid-corridor community
WSP // KiwiRail innovation project – rail corridor scanning
Aurecon // Trentham to Upper Hutt double tracking
NCTIR Professional Services sub-alliance (Aurecon, Tonkin + Taylor and WSP) // North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery (NCTIR) self-cleaning rockfall canopy

Merit Awards
WSP // Catholic Cathedral College 
Stantec // Stocking Stream Toilets
Abley // Visualising a new approach for transport
Ruamoko Solutions // Duncans Building facade retention and building refurbishment 

Sustainability Award
Mott MacDonald and Watercare // Leading Aotearoa’s carbon reduction journey 

Client Award
Auckland Transport and Waka Kotahi // Business case for Auckland public transport
Wellington Water // Consultants Panel

Emerging Leader Award
Stantec // Louisa Bloomer

Student Awards
Euan Robinson
Keegan Chin
Yunfan Yu

President’s Award
David Bridges – for his dedication to ACE and to uplifting the wider industry through his involvement as judge and convenor of the ACE Awards for 21 years. 

Our volunteers

Thank you to everyone who volunteers their time to the professional consulting sector. Here’s a snapshot of a few volunteers who’ve made an impact to ACE this year.

DIA Code of Practice review for water

Ulrich Glasner

DIA Code of Practice review for water ACE representative
Technical Director, Water Reform at Aurecon New Zealand

I am delighted to represent ACE New Zealand on the DIA National Three Waters Code of Practice steering group. The group consists of representatives from each of the water entities, Civil Contractors NZ (CCNZ) and Iwi.

We set the scope for the code, provide governance for the development and recommend the code for adoption. There are currently 45 water codes, guides and standards around the country and the Water Services Reform creates the opportunity to develop a single code of practice creating national alignment on methods of design and infrastructure construction.

I’ve been involved in the steering group since September 2022 and enjoy the interactions and robust discussions between the industry experts to create a new national code of practice which will provide a more efficient and productive delivery of water infrastructure to New Zealand communities.

Engaging with stakeholders throughout the development of the code is ongoing and vital, and an open sector engagement process will occur in early 2024.

The code is not impacted by the changes to Water Services Reform announced in April 2023, it is expected to be completed in July 2024 with further iterations over time so that we can continue to make further improvements and include new technologies.

“Mā te whakatau, ka mōhio, mā te mōhio ka mārama, mā te mārama ka mātau, mā te mātau ka ora.”

“With discussion comes knowledge, with knowledge comes light and understanding, with light and understanding comes wisdom, with wisdom comes wellness.”

Member of ACE New Zealand Legal Forum

Charlotte Harris

Member of ACE New Zealand Legal Forum
Group Manager Shared Services Abley

I’m thrilled to represent ACE New Zealand members on the ACE Legal Forum, a roundtable of legal advisors from various ACE New Zealand members.

The forum aims to support all members in identifying and addressing industry-wide commercial and legal risks, as well as raising awareness of emerging risks as the industry develops and expands service offerings. Having joined Abley in September 2019 and the Legal Forum shortly thereafter, the forum has provided me with a fantastic way to connect with my peers in the industry and learn more about the nuances of contracting and risk management in the consulting and engineering space. In return I have been able to bring my own insight and experience from a background in technology orientated products and services, handling complex procurements and supply side commercial arrangements. The supportive network that the Legal Forum creates, and the ability to work on some taxing legal issues with legal practitioners outside of my immediate employer, is great for personal development and continuing professional development. I look forward to continuing to work with the team on developments around AI, Privacy and transition towards a digital first industry.   

ACE Awards Convenor

Rebecca Jackson

ACE Awards Convenor
Three Waters Customer & Relationships Manager for Hamilton City Council

As convenor for the ACE Awards, I love meeting and talking with the clients. Magic happens when consultants partner and collaborate with passionate clients. To maintain impartiality the convenor doesn’t do client interviews or visit physical sites, which I confess I am missing a bit!

I love that the awards are about consulting excellence rather than being about the end product of a project. Great consulting is more than technical innovation or expertise. It is also about adding value to your client and the world around you. It is as much about how you deliver the work as it is the end product.

I love being able to step outside my technical discipline area and get insight into the remarkable work of other disciplines that I wouldn’t otherwise see in my day job. I get to learn about tall buildings, tunnels, software, BIM, process improvement, archaeology, ecology and so much more.

I love seeing the outstanding work that our industry does, and the way it shapes the world around us. It might be a bridge, a safety improvement, a piece of software that helps improve infrastructure resilience, restoration of a heritage building, or research that informs climate change policy for our entire country. I get to learn about, and then celebrate, all of these wonderful things, and I feel very privileged to be able to do that.

And finally, I love seeing the dedication and passion of the other judges. The judges are all volunteers with busy lives, and the role of a judge is fairly anonymous. There is no fame and fortune in the work we do. And still every year the judges turn up and ask for more! These volunteers are giving away their precious discretionary time. The fact that 30-odd judges volunteer days (and for some of us – weeks) of their time each year speaks volumes about the personal reward of participating in the ACE awards and the reward of giving back to our industry. These judges are positive role models for our industry and our community, and show true leadership for consulting in New Zealand.

Representative on the 3910 review

Gavin Shaw

Representative on the 3910 review
Business Director for Construction Sector Advisory

I’ve been privileged to represent ACE New Zealand and EngNZ as their joint nominee on the 25-member committee tasked with reviewing and updating NZS:3910 Conditions of Contract.  As a foundation document for our construction sector, it is important that it is current, widely understood and consistently applied and promotes constructive behaviours between the parties.  There is wide consensus that 3910 is due for a comprehensive review and update, and to rebuild its reputation as a ‘standard’ by creating a document that industry is not tempted to aggressively and inconsistently amend via a proliferation of special conditions.  Central to the redraft has been an overhaul of the role of the Engineer to the Contract to address concerns over potential conflicts and provide a platform for greater consistency and improved performance.

I’ve enjoyed bringing the voice of a pragmatic practitioner to the committee, which is comprised of experienced industry leaders who bring perspectives and insights that have been fabulous to explore debate and learn from. For me, the opportunity to help create more consistent predictable outcomes in our construction sector has been energising.

Supporting our members

media engagements
guidance and resource documents
member forum meetings
engagements with ministers

Our members

Being a member of ACE New Zealand is a commitment to excellence in engineering and professional services. We’re proud to be your partner in this important mahi, building a better Aotearoa together.

member firms
staff employed
0 +

Technical staff

Engineers (6939) 51%
Architects (254) 2%
Project managers (781) 6%
Planners (452) 3%
Land surveyors (260) 2%
Valuers / cost managers (100) 1%
Scientists (627) 5%
CAD operators / draftsperson (651) 5%
Contract engineers / other contractors (83) 1%
Technicians (819) 6%
Quantity surveyors / others (418) 4%
Technical staff

Gender diversity of technical staff

No Data Found

Ethnicity of technical staff

No Data Found

Non-technical staff

Directors & management (451) 2%
Finance (247) 2%
Administration (603) 4%
Human resources (172) 1%
Other / legal / health, safety & wellness (574) 5%
Non-technical staff

Gender diversity of non-technical staff

No Data Found

Gender diversity of directors

No Data Found

Ethnicity of non-technical staff

No Data Found

Ethnicity of directors

No Data Found

membership increase
0 %

24% increase in membership in the last 3 years

Most member firms are sole traders or less than 100 staff

Firms are based mostly in Auckland, Canterbury and Wellington regions

firms ling graph
Staff line graph
Map of New Zealand

Firm size / number of staff employed

No Data Found

Age of staff employed

No Data Found

New members since April 2022

EngDevnz Ltd
Geologix Consulting Engineers Ltd
Inhabit New Zealand Ltd
Landworks Ltd
Pro HVAC Solutions
Rimmer Engineering Ltd
EngPro Ltd
Geopro Ltd
reNature Ltd
Apex Air-conditioning Ltd
EDA Consulting Engineers Ltd
Edison Consulting Ltd
Finesse Consulting Engineers Ltd
Lumen Ltd
Task Consultancy Ltd
Torlesse Ltd
Brown & Thomson Engineers Partnership
Frame Group Ltd
GWE Consulting Ltd
MC Consulting Engineers
Meinhardt (NZ) Pty Ltd
Systra ANZ
Meredith Solutions Ltd
Subsurface Consultants Ltd
Tekton Consulting Engineers Ltd

Retired/resigned members

JD Consulting | April 2022
Cardno | April 2022
LHT Design Consulting Enineers | May 2022
Marl T Mitchell | July 2022
Nanceville Cairn | August 2022
JC Consult |  October 2022
Tino Structures | October 2022
Apex Airconditioning | November 2022

To become an ACE member email


Membership fees

$1,115,481 - 68%
$1,011,675 - 86.4%

Awards, events and training

$298,822 - 18%
$105,907 - 9%

Cost recovery and other income

$223,129 - 14%
$53,672 - 4.6%

No Data Found


We forecast a deficit of $392 in 2022/23. The actual result was a surplus of $10,056.

ACE organisational expenses

$1,143,203 - 70%
$844,234 - 70.9%

Association expenses including FIDIC

$70,937 - 4%
$48,076 - 4%

Events, training and awards

$265,056 - 16%
$127,659 - 10.7%

Advocacy, research, thought leadership and industry initiatives

Remuneration survey, diversity agenda, legal advice, advocacy, contracts, PR, advertising and media, research and development

$148,180 - 9%
$170,652 - 14.3%

No Data Found

Our People

The ACE New Zealand Board provides governance for ACE, setting strategic direction and overseeing our performance.




Ceinwen McNeil


Head of Strategy & Clients
Harrison Grierson

Andrea Rickard

Andrea Rickard

Vice President

General Manager Transport and Infrastructure NZ

Ian Fraser

Past President

Chief Executive APAC

Glen Cornelius

Board Member

Strategic Lead
Harrison Grierson

Emily Afoa

Board Member

Tektus Consultants

Brett Ogilvie

Board Member

Execuitive Leader and Director
Tonkin + Taylor

Jo Orr

Board Member

Technical Director – Advisory
Mott MacDonald

Chris Short

Board Member

Chief Executive
CGW Consulting Engineers

Ryan Orr

Board Member - Emerging Leader

Client Relationship Lead

Our Regional Chairs are the voice for ACE New Zealand in their region. They play a critical part in onboarding new members, making local connections and sharing key regional challenges with management and the Board.



Colin Dryland

North Shore

Senior Associate Civil Engineer

Liz Ricardson


Techincal Director

Rob Brown


Managing Director
Shorewise Engineering Consultants

Johann van Wyk

Johann van Wyk

Bay of Plenty

Principal civil engineer

Russell Nettlingham

Hawkes Bay

Civil and Structural Engineer
Strata Group Consulting Engineers

Bryan Chen

Bryan Chen



Chad Williams


Project Manager

Campbell Ogilvie


Infrastructure Team Leader

Marlo Bromley


DTCE Structural Engineers

Erin McNary


Project Manager

Andrew Davidson

Canterbury/West Coast

Work Group Manager Structures

Geoff Wigley


Structural Engineer

The ACE New Zealand team bring our strategy to life.



Helen Davidson

Chief Executive

Holly Morchat

General Manager Engagement

Michelle Sloan

Membership & Digital Manager

Sharon Jansen

Finance and Administration Manager

Eloise Angus

Communications Manager

Suzie Hart

Communications Specialist

Nicole Seadon

Executive Assistant

Julia Byers

Policy and Programmes Manager

Charlotte Downes

Diversity Agenda Programme Director

ACE New Zealand is grateful to the many members who freely give their time and energy to contribute to the success of the organisation – without you, we wouldn’t be able to achieve all we do for our members and sector:

Board members
Regional chairs
Awards judges
Legal Forum
Transport groups – Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch
ACE representatives on industry working groups and review committees
Contributors to our guidance notes and resources
Members who have committed time to blogs, advocacy, policy and webinars

Abstel Glyde
Abuild Consulting Engineers
Acoustic Engineering Services
Adam Mackenzie Consulting
Airey Consultants
All Civil Engineering (ACE)
AMX Structures
Aqualinc Research
AR and Associates
Aspire Consulting Engineers
Aurecon New Zealand
Avail Pacific
Babbage Consultants
Barnett & MacMurray
BCD Group
Beale Consultants
Beca Group
BG&E Consulting
BGT Structures
BlackYARD Engineering
Bloxam Burnett & Olliver
Blue Barn Consulting
Blueprint Consulting
BPL Group
Brown & Thomson Engineers 
BSK Consulting Engineers
Byrne & Wanty Consultants
C & H Consulting
Cato Bolam Consultants
Celsius Structural Consulting

Chambers Consultants
Chapman Sanders 
CLC Consulting Group
Clendon Burns & Park
CMW Geotechnical NZ
Collective Success
Commute Transportation Consultants
Cook Costello
COR Associates
Crang Civil
Cribb Consulting
Cutfield Consulting Engineers
D D Davidson Consultants
Dam Safety Intelligence
Damwatch Engineering
Davidson Group
Davis Ogilivie & Partners
DC Structures Studio
DCL Consulting
DE Consulting Engineers and inspection
Design Management Consultants
Deta Consulting
DHC Consulting Group
DJY Design
Dobbie Engineers
Certa Engineering

Dunning Thornton 
Eastern Consulting
ecubed Building Workshop
EDA Consulting Engineers
EFI Global
Egis NZ
Engineering Geology
Ensor Consulting
Ensor Partnership
Envelope Engineering
EPE Consulting
Eq Struc
Ergo Consulting
Essen Engineering
FIL Engineers NZ
Flow Transportation Specialists
Fluid Engineering Consultancy
Focus Engineering Consultants
Frame Group
Fraser Thomas
Frequency NZ
Gaia Engineers
GDC Consultants
Geoff Kell Consulting

GNA Consultants
Good Earth Matters
Graeme W Robinson
Gray Consulting Engineers
Ground Projects
Grounded Consultancy
GWE Consulting
Hadley & Robinson
Hadley Consultants
Hanlon and Partners
Harrison Grierson
Hawthorn Geddes
HD Geo
Height Project Management
Hight Consulting Engineers
Holmes NZ
Hyland Fatigue & Earthquake Engineering
Ina Consulting Engineers
Index Engineering
Inhabit New Zealand
Jackson Clapperton & Partners
Jacobs New Zealand
John H Klimenko & Associates
K Design Group
Kaiuru Consulting
Kaizon Engineering
Kerslake & Partners
KGA Geotechnical Group
Kirk Roberts

Kotahi Studio
Lautrec Technology Group
Lawrence Jones Partners
Lewis & Barrow
Lewis Bradford & Associates
LGE Consulting
Living Breathing Buildings
LWT Structural
Macdonald Barnett
Macky Engineering Services
Manktelow Consulting Engineers
Mark Kiryakos Geotechnical Engineer
May and Partners
MC Consulting Engineers
McKenzie & Co Consultants
McNaughton Consulting Engineers
McNulty Engineering Management
Meinhardt (NZ) Pty
Meredith Solutions
Meyer Cruden Engineering
Mitchell Vranjes
Mitton ElectroNet
Mott MacDonald
MRCagney (NZ)
MSC Consulting
Nelligan Consulting Engineers
Neo Consulting
New Zealand Consulting Engineers
Nigel Harwood 

Norman Disney & Young
Northside Structural
Novacon Consulting
NZ Geotechnical Consultants
O’Callaghan Design
Origin Fire
Pacific Commissioning & Coordination
Panton Consulting
Pattle Delamore Partners
PDV Consultants
Pedersen Read
Potis Consultancy Services
Powell Fenwick
Pro HVAC Solutions
Pyramid Engineering
Quoin Structural Consultants
Resolve Group
Resonant Consulting
Richards Consulting Engineers
Riley Consultants
Rimmer Engineering
RS Eng
Ruamoko Solutions
Sawrey Consulting Engineers
Sigma Consultants
Sigma Consulting Engineers
Silvester Clark

Smart Alliances
Soil and Rock Consultants
Southern Civil 
Spencer Holmes
Stantec NZ
Stephenson & Turner NZ
Stiles & Hooker
Strata Group
Structural Concepts
Systra ANZ
Tactical Group
Task Consultancy
TEG Risk & Sustainability Services
Terra MDC
Tetra Tech Coffey (NZ)
TH Consultants
Thorburn Consultants
TM Consultants
Tonkin & Taylor
Urban Connection

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters

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